Tips to adapt your home to your guests

Tips to adapt your home to your guests

With the summer come the gatherings with friends and family to have a barbecue, take a dip in the pool or play a game at the table. And often we do not have the house adapted to receive several guests, that’s why from Living Sitges we want to give you some tips for your guests to enjoy your home as much as you.
So if you like to receive visitors … Keep reading!

Creating a good atmosphere is essential.
Make sure your house is clean and tidy, so the first impression will be good.
Putting a soft air freshener in the hall is a good option, so your guests will perceive a pleasant smell as soon as they enter the door.
Fresh flowers are a very homely detail, they bring freshness and give a touch of naturalness to your home.

Place a coat rack in the entryway.
You may use it every day, but we usually buy our coat racks with just enough space for our accessories. That’s why ideally there should be enough space for your guests’ belongings, so you won’t have to use your bed as a makeshift coat rack.

The best ally, an extendable table.
If you are not usually many at home it is normal to have a table for four people. That is why having an extendable table is an ideal option to save space in your day to day but have enough space for when your visitors arrive.
If your house is too small for an extendable table there are also other options such as folding or folding tabletops.

A sofa bed in case the visit is extended.
Although we know that the ideal is to have a guest room, nowadays it is more likely that we are using it as an office. That is why it is important to have a sofa bed for those visitors who come from far away and are late to return home.

Remember to have extra seating.
You probably have as many chairs as people living at home, that’s why we must not forget to have extra seats for when your guests arrive.
In the market you will find solutions for small spaces, such as folding chairs, stacking stools…

Are you one of those people who enjoy being in company? Then it’s time to put these tips into practice!


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