As you already know in Living Sitges we love everything related to real estate, and is that we not only sell houses, what we really like is to help you make it a home.
That’s why today we will help you decorate your home for Christmas by telling you the Christmas styles out there so you can choose the one that best suits you!

This is the style most known by everyone: the one in which we use the colors of Santa Claus (red, green, gold…).
A big Christmas tree decorated with bows and red and gold balls, wool socks, reindeer figurines…
This style fits very well with classic furniture in wood tones and creates a very warm and cozy space.


This style is gaining more and more followers every year: it is the most ecological and creative.
The most important thing is that the natural predominates over the artificial: the tree must be a natural fir tree, and instead of decorating it with balls, we will decorate it with pine cones and other natural elements.
We can make garlands with branches and leaves, which besides being economical is an activity that we can do with the family.

This is the type of decoration that makes you feel as if you were in a snowy place.
White trees or a natural fir tree sprinkled with artificial snow, garlands in the form of flakes, figures of snowmen and polar bears… are usually used.
It is the one that best fits with rustic furniture, although being a white decoration does not limit your style.



The simplest decoration of all, perfect for people who can’t stand overloaded environments.
It is dominated by the lack of decorations: a leafy fir tree but without any kind of decoration, not mixing many colors, using simple figures?
The most important thing is to show Christmas in our house but in a subtle way.




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