Tips for a more sustainable home

Tips for a more sustainable home

It may seem difficult to live in a sustainable home, but it is not complicated to take certain steps to achieve it. It is enough to change some habits and eliminate those that are not sustainable.
In this article we give you some tips to have a more sustainable home.

Use LED bulbs
Whenever possible, replace old bulbs with LEDs, which not only last longer, but are also good for the environment. An LED bulb requires 38 watts, compared to 84 watts for conventional bulbs, which means they reduce overall energy consumption and greenhouse gases.
Opting for photovoltaic self-consumption
Installing solar panels is cheaper than you think. More and more people are opting for sustainability. If you want to do your bit, start by consuming clean energy. Solar energy is an infinite source that helps reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Installing solar panels also helps us save on electricity bills and increases the value of the property in case we want to sell it.

Save water
Take small actions such as showering in the shortest amount of time possible, turning off the faucet when washing dishes, and checking your home for leaks that need repair. There are several ways to save water in the home that can help contribute to the environment.

Buy energy efficient appliances
If your equipment is broken and you need to buy a new one, be sure to check its energy rating and choose an A rating, you will save up to 70% in energy, saving on your electricity bill and achieving greater sustainability.
Regulate the use of heating and air conditioning
You should understand and use these devices in a reasonable way. With air conditioning, before the heat arrives, perform maintenance on your air conditioner and update the filters. As a result, your equipment will consume less and last longer. On the other hand, if your device has the possibility to install Eco Mode, this will help you save up to 30% of your consumption. As far as heating is concerned, the most economical heating should be installed in the home and it is advisable that at night it is turned off to save energy.

Make the most of natural resources such as wind and sunlight.
Clearly, investing large sums of money in retrofitting our homes to make the most of natural resources is not always feasible. Not everyone can afford to replace windows. There are a few tips to have a more sustainable home without making a large investment that will help harness energy from the sun and air. How to paint your walls lightly so that the sun’s reflections illuminate your home, or open doors and windows at specific times to take advantage of the wind flow and control the indoor temperature. Paying attention to how you use energy not only saves money, but is also an effective way to reduce carbon emissions.

Invest in good insulation
The insulation of your home is not a minor problem, on the contrary. There is no point in trying to save on heating or air conditioning if the heat and cold disappear afterwards. That’s why the first thing you should do is make sure your home is well insulated.

Adopting a few simple green habits can create a different world for a sustainable planet: unplug devices when they are not in use, turn off the switches of devices that are stopped but not turned off and turn off the lights if you are not in the room. inside, turn off the heating, dry clothes on the clothesline, change the old bulbs for LED lights or turn off the tap while brushing our teeth are some of the measures to have a more sustainable home.


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