Solar Energy in Sitges: Comprehensive guide to installing solar panels in your home

Solar Energy in Sitges: Comprehensive guide to installing solar panels in your home

Everything You Need to Know Before Installing Solar Panels in Your Single-Family Home

In a context of rising energy prices, inflation, and shifting rates, an increasing number of families are considering the installation of self-sustaining equipment, such as solar panels, in their homes. Government incentives and regulatory changes have expedited the transition to more sustainable energy sources in our country. Although Spain enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year, it was until recently lagging behind other European countries in terms of adopting self-consumption installations.

According to data from Samara Energía, the installation of solar panels can reduce a family’s electricity bill by up to 70%, while also mitigating the economic impact of energy market fluctuations.

In 2022, new self-consumption installations reached a capacity of 1,203 megawatts, a 101.8% increase compared to the previous year, according to the Spanish Photovoltaic Union. It is projected that over a million households will implement such installations in the next three years. Despite this, many individuals still have concerns and questions before taking the leap into solar panel installation.

Evaluating the Family Consumption Profile is Key

One of the initial crucial steps is determining the number of solar panels required for your home. This involves understanding the family’s energy consumption profile. This data is critical to avoid overinstalling panels, which could increase installation costs without ensuring an adequate level of self-consumption, according to Manel Pujol, co-founder of Samara.

Calculating annual electricity consumption is essential to determine the amount of energy the solar installation needs to generate to meet demand. Although the average consumption of a single-family home in Spain is 6,000 kWh, the most precise method is to review the electricity bill.

Additionally, it’s necessary to consider the distribution of consumption throughout the day and year. This allows you to understand how much electricity generated by the installation is consumed at different times. The closer the household’s consumption pattern aligns with the energy generation of the panels, the higher the self-consumption percentage. Typically, electricity consumption is higher during the day than at night.

In this regard, electricity generation is usually highest around noon. Therefore, if there’s a significant disparity between production and consumption, incorporating energy storage batteries is recommended to prevent a decrease in self-consumption.

Solar radiation varies between summer and winter, affecting the self-consumption percentage. After analyzing these factors, you can determine the necessary installation power and the required number of panels. On average, Spanish families need around ten solar panels to generate 90% of the energy they consume.

Costs and Amortization Time

When taking the step towards solar panel installation, it’s common to wonder about the required investment and the time needed to recover it. According to Manel Pujol, the average cost of installation in a single-family home ranges from 5,000 to 8,000 euros. Although the initial investment can be significant, savings on the electricity bill are immediate. Generally, it takes between four and seven years to amortize this investment, which is attractive considering that the lifespan of solar panels is considerably longer.

However, to optimize energy generation, it’s crucial to consider the geographical location of the home, as it can limit the capacity of solar panel generation. Additionally, the type of solar panel used impacts efficiency. Lastly, the orientation and inclination of the roof and panels are factors influencing how solar radiation is utilized.

Key Contacts in Sitges for Solar Panel Installation

  1. EcoSolar Sitges: Specialists in solar energy and self-consumption solutions. They offer personalized advice and installation options tailored to each home’s needs. Website
  2. Soluciones Verdes Sitges: A local company dedicated to solar system installation and energy efficiency. They provide comprehensive services from initial assessment to installation startup. Website
  3. Renewable Energy Sitges: Experts in renewable energy systems, offering innovative and sustainable solar solutions. They have a team of skilled professionals to guide you through every step. Website
  4. Energía Solar Mediterránea: Specializing in photovoltaic solar systems, they offer self-consumption options for homes and businesses. Their focus is on maximizing efficiency and savings. Website

The installation of solar panels is a valuable investment for your home and the environment. By understanding your consumption profile, associated costs, and having appropriate guidance, you’ll be prepared to step into a more sustainable and economically beneficial future.


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