Discover how ‘cleanfluencers,’ cleaning and organization influencers, are transforming the way we view our homes.

Discover how ‘cleanfluencers,’ cleaning and organization influencers, are transforming the way we view our homes.

Marie Kondo is the most well-known, but on Instagram, there are more ‘queens’ of cleaning and organization. In this article, we will explore the phenomenon of ‘cleanfluencers,’ cleaning and organization influencers, and how they are transforming the way we view and live in our homes. From practical tips to psychological benefits, these experts inspire us to keep our spaces organized and sparkling.

Sophie Hinchliffe: Mrs. Hinch

Among the most prominent ‘cleanfluencers’ is Sophie Hinchliffe, known in the digital world as Mrs. Hinch. This British woman has gained fame through Instagram, where she shares cleaning and organization tips with her 2.3 million followers. What makes Mrs. Hinch particularly popular is her focus on aspiring to a better life without resorting to luxury and glamour. Her practical and affordable advice, combined with her genuine enthusiasm for order, has resonated with people around the world.

An example of Mrs. Hinch’s impact on the community is her first book, “Hinch Yourself Happy: All The Best Cleaning Tips To Shine Your Sink And Soothe Your Soul,” which sold over 160,000 copies in just three days. Her success demonstrates that order and cleanliness can be complementary and essential for modern urban living.

Alicia Iglesias: Home Organization and Cleaning

Alicia Iglesias, the Spanish cleanfluencer behind “Orden y limpieza en casa” (Home Organization and Cleaning), offers a unique perspective on the relationship between order and happiness. With over 230,000 followers on Instagram, Alicia highlights the psychological benefits of creating an orderly environment. She argues that beyond cleanliness itself, what truly makes us happy is the ability to manage our possessions in a way that doesn’t overwhelm us.

“If you relax and enjoy in your home and, furthermore, it’s hardly a challenge to keep it clean and organized, you will reduce your stress and family disputes and create an atmosphere of calm and peace that will make you feel good,” Alicia asserts. Her focus on efficient space management is reflected in her book “Pon tu casa en orden” (Put Your House in Order) and her TV program “Vidas en orden” (Lives in Order).

Néstor: I’m the Master of the House

Not everyone embracing the cleaning and organization movement is a woman, and Néstor, a young Argentine graphic designer, is a clear example of this. Through his Instagram account “Soy amo de casa” (I’m the Master of the House), Néstor shares tips on order, cleanliness, and even recipes. His practical and accessible approach shows that order has no gender or borders.

Gemma Bray: The Organised Mum

For those looking to maintain an organized house without dedicating too much time, Gemma Bray, also known as The Organised Mum, is the perfect cleanfluencer. With three children and a busy life, Gemma has developed a cleaning plan from Monday to Friday that takes no more than 30 minutes per day. Her motto is that life has much more to offer than household chores, and her efficient approach has gained followers and admiration.

The Secret Cleaner: Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

It’s not all just about cleaning; it’s also about taking care of the planet. The Secret Cleaner, an anonymous account based in Glasgow, not only shares cleaning and laundry care tips but also emphasizes the importance of environmental conservation through eco-friendly tricks and products. This perspective shows how the ‘cleanfluencers’ movement can extend beyond our homes and have a positive impact on the world around us.

Impact and Influence

The phenomenon of ‘cleanfluencers’ is not limited to social media; it has also influenced the hiring of cleaning and organization professionals. Marie Kondo’s philosophy and the focus on order as an anti-stress method have brought attention to this profession, leading to an increase in demand for thorough cleaning and space organization services.

In conclusion, ‘cleanfluencers’ have transformed the way we view cleanliness and order, turning them into a desirable lifestyle and a source of emotional well-being. Their impact on social media and the hiring of cleaning and organization professionals demonstrates that maintaining an organized home goes beyond aesthetics and has a positive effect on our mental health and quality of life. These experts show us that order and cleanliness can be a path to a more balanced and happy life.

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