10 Tips to make your home more sustainable

10 Tips to make your home more sustainable

Those of you who know us already know that in Living Sitges we are committed to the environment and we love to share tips about the home, how to make it sustainable, comfortable but at the same time with personality.
For this reason we want to share with you these 10 tips to make your home more sustainable and, thus, contribute to the care of the planet in a more active way.

1. Replace the light bulbs in your home with LEDs. Conventional bulbs have a lifespan of about 6,000 hours, while LEDs have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, and consume 80% less.

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2. Place atomizers on faucets. They mix the water jet with air in such a way that water savings of up to 50% are achieved.

3. When you renew your appliances, make sure they are energy efficient. Those with category A on the label are the most efficient, while E, F or G are the least efficient. Keep this in mind and you will notice considerable energy savings that you will see reflected in your bill.

4. Double-glazed windows. You will notice savings in heating and air conditioning by maintaining the temperature inside your home for longer. And if you place weatherstripping on the frames, you will have a double protection against temperature losses and, in addition, you will isolate the sound from the outside.

5. Dual flush toilet cistern. Every time we flush the toilet we are pouring about 12 liters of water, with this system we will reduce the cost by approximately half.

6. If you have plants, place a collector for rainwater, a large bucket or a drum will do. All that water that you end up losing can be used for watering or even for mopping the floor.

7. Join the recycling. You already know, separate the waste from your home and deposit it in the corresponding container.

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8. For the walls of your house, choose natural paints with components such as clay, lime and natural fats, they are eco-sustainable.

9. Use reusable bags for shopping, they are usually more resistant and, in addition, we avoid the use of plastic, which as you know, is very polluting.
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10. Avoid buying disposable products, such as paper napkins, plastic cups, baking trays…
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