The only five products you need at home for toxic-free cleaning

The only five products you need at home for toxic-free cleaning

Sustainable living is not a bed of roses. We are used to using dozens of household cleaning products, we love the way they smell and the way they clean. But how many bottles of chemicals do you buy every month at the supermarket?

But the economic issue is not the only one we should be concerned about. Most liquids contain toxins that are pollutants for the environment and, for the most part, they come in plastic containers that also generate waste that is completely harmful to our planet.

What we may not realize is that to clean our house and get great results we only need five products. They are inexpensive, last a long time and cover all the hygiene and disinfection needs you may have at home. Read, take note and go zero waste.

1. Clean without toxics: let’s start with baking soda
Baking soda is a chemical substance that is very easy to dissolve in water and can be used for an infinite number of purposes. It works wonders for cleaning all kinds of kitchen utensils (pans, dishes, pots…), polishing surfaces, unclogging pipes, degreasing the oven, scrubbing the floor, removing stains from clothes and even cleaning sponges. You will be surprised how effective the results are and how easy it is to use.


2. Sodium percarbonate: a perfect all-purpose product.
We continue with the second star of the podium. Like baking soda, all you have to do to use it is dissolve it in water. It is completely biodegradable, so it is suitable for toxic-free cleaning. As for its uses, it will come in handy for washing clothes (enhancing the power of the detergent), bleaching fabrics and removing stubborn stains. On the other hand, it is a perfect all-rounder for the whole house. You can use it to clean the oven and remove marks on all kinds of items, such as cups, curtains or towels.

3. Citric acid: the great ally for cleaning without toxins
It may be one of the least known compounds for cleaning, but as soon as you switch to sustainable cleaning in the home you will realize that it is a must. It is a very powerful descaler, but it is also a product that works as a rinse aid, de-clogger and disinfectant. It is perfect for cleaning the bathroom, because in addition to leaving it like the golden jets, it is able to remove the dreaded limescale in the blink of an eye. You can even use it in small proportions as a fabric softener in the washing machine. You’ll be surprised how well it works for just about anything.

4. Marseille soap: natural first and foremost
We move on from these compounds to a must-have product for any sustainable household: Marseille soap. You may like to recognize this soap by the particular scent of some products that claim to contain this soap. But nothing could be further from the truth. Authentic Marseille soap has no scents or perfumes, it is made with 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients. In fact, the best ones are made with olive oil. You can use it for almost anything: washing dishes, doing the laundry, even your personal hygiene! Grate a few flakes every week and put them in the washing machine drum. You don’t need anything else to get an impeccable wash – and no toxins!

5. Glass jars and vegetable sponges
We have told you about the compounds, but we cannot forget the tools. What will you need to make all these mixtures effective and to be able to clean your house with comfort and vigor? Well, first of all, three glass bottles with a sprayer. The most advisable is to generate a mixture weekly for each of the elements that we have indicated: water and baking soda, water and sodium percarbonate and water and citric acid. Do not forget to indicate the mixture with a label on the bottle. Keep them in the rooms where you will use them most: percarbonate and citric acid in the bathroom and baking soda in the kitchen.

A sponge will suffice for scrubbing surfaces. Our recommendation is that you get a luffa. You don’t know what? Well, let us tell you, because you will be surprised. It is a vegetable sponge, completely natural, obtained from a plant very similar to the zucchini. It has the particularity that, when dried, it works very well as a scouring pad and, refined, it can be great as a shower sponge. It is a great exfoliator for the skin!

You can buy luffas in any sustainable store, as well as other complementary cleaning tools, such as compostable cloths, dishwashing brushes or copper wire scouring pads.

It is true that at first it may be a little difficult to adapt, but the ease of use and the very good results will convince you. In addition, you will have the satisfaction of contributing to the well-being of the planet. Cheer up and go for your sustainable life!

Source: Habitaclia

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