Ideas for decorating a long, narrow balcony

Ideas for decorating a long, narrow balcony

When we talk about decorating a long and narrow balcony, we can encounter certain difficulties when it comes to finding decorative details, making it difficult to find a beautiful and appropriate decoration.
The urban landscape is full of terraces and balconies. Thus, you may find yourself with a generously sized balcony or, on the contrary, you may have to deal with a very narrow balcony.
In either case, they are spaces that allow us to be outdoors inside our home, being able to use it as a place of leisure, to relax or rest with the high temperatures.

How to decorate a long and narrow balcony
If you are thinking about decorating narrow balconies, you should keep in mind that it is essential to make the most of each space. The decoration is very important to be able to enjoy a space that you can use and that you have the possibility to enjoy.
With this in mind, it is essential that decorating a balcony does not end up harming comfort, avoiding, for example, difficulties of movement. For this reason, it is not advisable to make use of large tables or chairs that occupy large spaces.

Choose the style of your balcony
From here will be born the different ideas to decorate a long and narrow balcony. Once the style is determined, we can start with the choice of furniture and other elements to be used, always with the premise of trying to save space.

Use furniture in accordance with the space of your balcony.
The most advisable to decorate long and narrow balconies is to use chairs with wide seats, but with a narrow body.

Illuminate and decorate your balcony
You can resort to different ideas to decorate a long and narrow balcony, with the use of pots or LED lighting strips, among others, to find the perfect aesthetics of your balcony.

Ideas for decorating a long and narrow balcony
If you are looking for how to decorate a long and narrow balcony, it is necessary to be able to create environments. Regardless of the size you have, by making use of an appropriate decoration, you can get to achieve different spaces. Some ideas for decorating a long and narrow balcony:

Decorate your balcony as a chill-out area
One of the options we have when decorating narrow balconies, is to try to turn the balcony into a chill-out area. If you bet on this type of decoration, it is recommended to make use of outdoor armchairs, placing them at the end of the balcony.

Use the balcony as a dining room
Another possibility and one of the best ideas for long balconies, is to use it as a dining room. For this you will need a couple of chairs and a simple table. You can also use fabrics, cushions, tablecloths or plants to give it a more personalized look.
Other decorating tips for narrow balconies

Cover the floor of your balcony with artificial grass: Artificial grass has different advantages, making it one of the most natural, comfortable and fresh options. It is resistant and easy to clean.

Maintain your privacy on the balcony: To maintain privacy, you can choose to put some type of fencing such as bamboo, vines or plants.

Use folding furniture for your balcony: Using folding furniture and, if possible, multipurpose, is a good idea. The key is to place them near walls and corners to enjoy free space in the center.

Decorative elements for your balcony: There are different possibilities such as outdoor rugs, small and wooden pictures, vases with dried wheat flowers and good lighting with lanterns, garlands of bulbs or LED lights.
Decorating narrow balconies with plants


There are many people who, when decorating narrow balconies, bet on plants, turning them into real gardens. Green leafy plants can be the base, looking for resistant plants that do not need a lot of care. For example, ficus or aloe vera. In addition, it is always good to add some color with flowers, looking for chromatic ranges that combine well, but without overdoing it.


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