How to decorate a house for rent: 11 Tips and mistakes to avoid

How to decorate a house for rent: 11 Tips and mistakes to avoid

Decorating a house for rent is an art that requires a different approach than decorating a house for personal use. The goal is to create a neutral environment that appeals to most people and allows the potential tenant to imagine living in that space. Here are 11 golden rules for decorating your rental house:


  1. Don’t try to be too creative: You are dealing with an asset, not the house where you are going to live, so you should keep a cool head and heart and avoid unnecessary investments. Long-term tenants, in particular, want the house to feel like their own.
  2. If the house is cluttered, get rid of it: Don’t make the mistake of renting a house that is cluttered just because you don’t have time or space to get everything in order. Nobody wants to live in someone else’s house.
  3. Less is more: Avoid filling the house with furniture and objects. The space should remain fluid and functional. Too much furniture makes the space seem small. Choose only the essentials and furniture with dimensions proportional to the available space so that the environment is balanced, attractive, and welcoming.
  4. Old does not become new: If the furniture you inherited does not fit well in your home, do not make the mistake of putting it in the rental house.
  5. Cleanliness and order are the basis of success: When showing the house to potential tenants, you must ensure that the space is impeccably clean and that everything is in perfect working order. You should eliminate all arguments for rejection or price negotiation. Lack of maintenance or cleanliness drives away the best and most demanding tenants and lowers the property’s value.
  6. The house is not for you: Avoid furnishing and decorating as if it were for you. The idea is not to personalize the space, but quite the opposite. Avoid very bold colors and patterns. Opt for neutral and elegant tones that attract the majority. With a neutral base, it is easier for visitors to identify with the space and personalize the decoration to their liking.
  7. Walls speak: Once again, it is important to show the space immaculate. Before renting the house, you should check the state of the paint. If it needs a new paint job (almost always recommended), think of a neutral color. Choose white or light gray paint and water-resistant in the kitchen and bathrooms. Wallpaper can also be an excellent resource to give a more cozy and sophisticated touch to any space.
  8. Lighting works miracles: Valuing the space and making it attractive and cozy is fundamental to conquering the tenant’s heart. Lighting is an excellent way to create an atmosphere and improve the overall environment. Light colors increase the perceived space. Highlight natural lighting and use yellow artificial lighting to create cozy corners.
  9. Storage and functionality: These are the most valued points when choosing a house to live in. Make sure the space is functional, that there is enough storage space, and that the kitchen and bathrooms are well equipped.
  10. The kitchen is the soul of the house: And it is usually the one that requires a greater investment. Before deciding to completely replace the kitchen, check the interior state of the cabinets. Sometimes it is enough to replace the doors and handles to give a completely new look to an outdated kitchen.
  11. You don’t need works of art to win good tenants: Investing in brands and sophisticated pieces can add value, but it is also a risk and can drive away more cautious tenants. It is not advisable to use pieces of great value or personal value, as there is always the risk that tenants will damage them, even if by accident. The same rule applies to decorative pieces, including paintings andsimilar. Always think that the pieces that remain there may not be suitable for the next tenant and consider them as part of a business investment and risk.

In summary, the decoration of a house for rent should be neutral, cozy, and functional. It should allow the potential tenant to imagine living in that space. Remember, you are decorating to attract the majority, not to satisfy your personal tastes. With these tips, you will be on your way to attracting the right tenants and maximizing your rental income.

Source: Idealista News

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