How do I know if the apartment I am going to buy is well priced?

How do I know if the apartment I am going to buy is well priced?

The money we have to invest in buying a house is not little. We could say that at this moment it is essential to have savings. Experts agree on the need to have around 35% of the value of the house to make the purchase effective. Not in vain, most banks only finance 80% of the appraised value of the house.

To start saving as soon as possible is the safest way to have real options to materialize the acquisition. This does not prevent in any case that as buyers we always look for the best price for what will surely be the biggest financial outlay of our life.


Before making a decision, it will be advisable to study the operation and its economic implications in depth. But how do you know if the price is right or not? In habitaclia we give you some key tips to find out if the apartment you want to buy is well priced or not.

Compare the price with that of other homes in the same area
There are many tools that can help you compare the price of the apartment you want to buy with other homes located in the same area. This step is essential, because it will allow you to know if the apartment in question is overpriced or if it is a good opportunity. Access the search engine and filter by neighborhood, price range, surface area (in square meters), bedrooms, bathrooms or other features (parking, pool, terrace, elevator and even fireplace). You will also have to select the type of property, depending on whether it is an apartment, a house, a duplex or a penthouse.


Check what is now the average price of housing for sale in the place where you want to buy.
It does not cost the same to buy a house in a tourist area, on the beachfront, as it does in an inland area. That is why it is important to check the average price of the property for sale in your area and compare it with the price of the apartment you are interested in. A good option to obtain reliable data is to consult the Real Estate Index with your agent.

Calculate the PER: the relationship between the profit and the price of the apartment.
Have you ever heard of the PER? The Price Earnings Ratio is the ratio between the profit and the price of the property and is often used by investors to find out if a company has an attractive share price. This same formula can be applied in the real estate sector and will help us to know if a property is expensive or not.

So, what we have to do is to divide the sale price by the annual rent. Thus, if a property costs 200,000 euros and we can rent it for 700 (8,400 euros per year), we would obtain a PER of 23. When the result is less than 15, it is considered to be attractive, but if it exceeds 20, it is high.

As you can see, making the decision whether or not to buy an apartment requires time for study and reflection. The tools and calculations that we have proposed can help you to make it with all the information on the table.

Source: Habitaclia


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