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Factors which can increase or decrease the value of a home


When we want to put a home up for sale, pricing is one of the determining factors we must consider very well. Setting an appropriate sale price is key because how fast you can sell your home will depend on it. It is important to know that a price that is too high won’t attract buyers and one below the average will arouse mistrust as well as affect us financially.
This is why at Living Sitges we explain what are the factors that can significantly increase or devalue the price of your home.

factores, Factors which can increase or decrease the value of a home
  • Size: In order to calculate the price of a home, the m2 of built area are usually valued. Terraces and non-living areas are given a different value than those within the dwelling. Its spaciousness is also important because buyers are looking for good feelings about the space and the number of rooms it has is a factor to be highlighted so that buyers can imagine how to arrange their new home.
  • Height: With the exception of ground floors with gardens, upper floor appartments are preferred, they are usually brighter, with better views, less noise pollution… So from the second floor up everything has more value.
    Terrace or garden: Something that has become very important after the arrival of confinement into our lives. Having a good outdoor space will also make it more valuable.
  • Views: Either overlooking natural areas, such as parks, gardens or mountains, or, in the case of Sitges, the sea. Wide and open views are always well valued.
  • Proximity to amenities: Hospitals, schools and public transport, for example, can greatly influence the decision to buy a home. We increasingly value mobility without a vehicle.
  • A good state of conservation: If the property is second-hand but it has been well maintained or renovated, that will help make it more attractive and have a higher value.
  • Common areas and characteristics of the building: Allways facilities such as swimming pools, garages, etc… will increase the value of the home. Other matters that can affect your home’s value are the building’s community fees or its energy efficiency. If the community costs or energy consumption are very high it can dissuade the buyer.
  • Orientation: It is the key to the brightness inside the dwelling. That is why the value of the home will increase if the way it faces makes good use of the hours of direct sunlight, specially in winter.
  • Quality of the materials: The building in which the house is located also influences its worth. As well as when the facade was rehabilitated or when it was built, for homes over 40 years old it is important to have passed the ITE (Technical Building Inspection) without defects.

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